Why Intel needs a six-core mainstream CPU

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I have to admit that having more cores on a CPU has rarely been a reason for me to want to buy one or even to lust over leaked information or benchmarks in the past. I can still remember comparing dual-core CPUs such as the E8600 to the likes of the Q9650 in group tests and finding the massively overclockable E8600 was faster in games and many other applications, much to the surprise of my colleagues who were obsessed with core counts and were amazed that my main system ran an E8600.

That was nearly 10 years ago, of course, and while I felt somewhat vindicated at the time, things do change. Quad-cores are now the mainstay of enthusiast PCs and for good reason, since many games still don’t make use of more than four threads. As such, Intel’s overclockable quad-cores, such as the Core i5-7600K, usually offer the best performance you’ll see in games, and there are many other tasks that do benefit from having at least four physical cores.

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