Asus Xtreme: Global Summit – highlights from the second round of blogs

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With the prospect of getting your mitts on announced chipsets and top-end hardware, not to mention a booty bag of free hardware, you might think that the hardware at the AX:GS event would be the main subject of all the attendees’ blogs, but this isn’t the case. Although a lot of the AX:GS bloggers did indeed write about the overclocking gadgetry on show at the event, it seems that most of you were also overwhelmed by the exclusive choice of venue.

Skiddywinks, for example, describes the daunting demeanour of the Raddison Edwardian Bloomsbury hotel in his blog. “It was intimidating,” he says, adding that “I felt like such a peasant. Me and my jeans, t-shirt and years-old biking backpack. The people entering there were wearing suits and carrying briefcases. They looked important.”