Don’t be fooled by Laptop CPUs

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I was speaking to a friend recently and we started discussing laptops. Specifically, he wanted something to replace his desktop PC, which sported an Intel Core-i3 2100 Sandy Bridge CPU.

He was moving to a flat and didn’t have the space for a PC, but still wanted something with some grunt to edit photos and videos. He’d clearly given it some consideration, but I was shocked when he started quoting laptop specs and how he thought they’d be twice or even three times as fast as his PC.

Quick Review Acer TravelMate B113-M Notebook

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On the move? When you’re looking for a portable travel companion, chances are that you’ll come across the 11 inch Acer Travelmate B113. With its Core i3 processor of the Sandy Bridge generation in combination with the matte screen, it looks like the ideal platform for mobile office and internet users.